Ms. Dw Residence

A Smart Home that is located on the most prestige residence in Jakarta and in Indonesia. The area itself is very very expensive and so exclusive, residences of many government officials and foreign ambassadors.

A Smart Home at Menteng Jakarta

The owner wanted us to build a reliable smart home system for her client, she rented the house to the Columbian embassy for the ambassador himself and his family to stay. She said that it was one of the client’s requirement to have a smart and secure house, and it was very important for the client. As you can imagine, doing the smart home for an embassy is very very challenging. You have to be really careful about the wiring, programming, and throughout all the installation process. They were super strict about the technician guy who did the job, all the tools, all the installation material, even they didn’t allow us to bring any of our personal cellphone or computer in to the house. They only trusted the best guy to do this smart home job!

We activated the program things such as lighting and music to turn on at certain times. Exactly at the same time everyday according to their habits, they love it. They also have an IPAD dedicated to control the home that they can bring anywhere the house. They also wanted to be alerted if the front door to the house had been opened, so they will feel more secure that way. So they didn’t have to check the CCTV again and again.  It’s truly total peace of mind with our smart home!

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