Mr. Dj Residence

This smart home, is a home built on dreams. this impressive big home seems a world away from the busy city life. it is so close to town, yet so private and secluded are few and far between.

Luxurious Rural Smart Home

The owner wanted us to build a smart & luxury home for him & his family that can be controlled by his gadgets. He’s heavily dependent on apple products on his house. So, when he knew that there was a solution out there that would let him control things at home from an iPad and iPhone, he’s very enthusiastic. He also wanted to have custom music play whenever he enters the house and certain radio station play in the bathroom when he wake up in the morning. He thinks it’s stupid things but he finds it very fun and cool.

We program the house so it can understand when the sun is rising and hitting certain windows at certain times, and automatically bring the shades down instead of triggering the air conditioning. There are actually different pieces of products and technologies that people have, like different apps that can open your front door or monitor the baby room – but to have it all working together into one easy to use system/app is pretty amazing.



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