BNI Smart Office

As one of the biggest Bank in Indonesia, this is the most prestigious area at BNI Head Quarter in Jakarta Indonesia. All VIP guests will be served here, and all important events will be held right on this floor.

BNI Head Quarter VIP Ballroom & Meeting rooms

This project was quite challenging to us. BNI team came to our office, they wanted the most sophisticated office in Indonesia. At that time, they were renovating one whole floor at their Head Quarter in Jakarta. This particular floor is a very important floor where all VVIP guests are welcomed.

The first event was belong to Ibu JK (The Wife of our current Vice President of Republic Indonesia), BNI only gave us less than two weeks to finish all our work due to the event. Our touch screen controls the lighting scenes, plays the music throughout the rooms, control the comfort such as window blinds and curtain. It also control the AV like TVs, decoders, audio and video switchers, etc.

Its truly that it is more beautiful when “everything works together” in one easy to use system.


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