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We are a dedicated professional team that focus on delivering smart home and smart office solutions in Indonesia for 13 years plus by now. Our team is a group of passionate young people – engineers, AV specialist, automation expert – working together to create beautiful masterpieces. Every day we step into Smart Home Indonesia Office feeling inspired – ignited by passion, fueled by laughter, challenged by creativity. It’s how we design and build the smart home and smart office systems. Our goal is to deliver an classy and more affordable way to make your home and office are not just beautiful, but SMART. You can control and automate lighting and dimming system, Aircon, multi room audio, video, security in a single room or throughout the entire home or office.


Smart Home Indonesia

Smart Home Indonesia Building
Jl. Musi no 13, Jakarta Pusat
Email: info@smart-home.co.id
Mobile: +62878-8000-5699

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