Smart Home in Indonesia

Many companies and manufactures that produce electronics and technology devices are racing to introduce smart home concept that can make human life much easier. Now we can control and monitor our home from anywhere and everywhere.

It can be seen on International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, United States that shows how the world is changing more practical and the usage of internet has reached a lot of sectors, including personal home. Many companies show their smart home products to the customers. Many smart home products are coming from world class companies that dominate the show.  You can say like Control4, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc. They are all are competing to attract the consumer.

In Indonesia, the progress of smart home technology is still slow compares to neighbour countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Australia for example. However, according to CEO of Smart Home Indonesia, Ganda Osay, Indonesia will catch up soon, we will adopt & develop smart home technologies in 5 – 10 years. It will be very popular in Indonesia . At this moment, the smart home buyer is only the behave. However, the more internet user, the more smart home user as well in the future said Ganda Osay to

Ganda Osay also says that the price of a smart home now is also affordable compares to many years ago. Anyone can own this technology in their houses. It can be implemented in a new house or a retrofit one, both can use smart home system. Thera are many smart home come from China as well, the product quality is not stable yet for now. But, in the future they can be good as well, and of course the price can be even more affordable. Smart home can be implemented in any house, there is no specific requirement regarding the location.

For anyone who wants to buy a smart home system doesn’t have to worry that it will take so much time and it will be not easy to setup and use. Ganda explains that the installation of smart home is not that hard as people imagine. He explains briefly that customers only need give two information that are the layout and lighting load schedule.

After those two things are handed over then customers can discuss with the expert regarding their smart home for their homes. The design and implementation are very specific to their needs. It can be installed only in 1 room or it can be implemented to the whole house. Control4 smart home is very reliable, it can stand up to 10 years or more, and it doesn’t need any maintenance so the customer can simply enjoy the features are offered by the smart home system.

Ganda said that most customers come from  Jakarta & Bali. For Jakarta itself the customers come from vary areas such as Pondok Indah, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Pantai Mutiara, Menteng, Pluit, BSD, Alam Sutera, Kemayoran, Gading Serpong, Lippo Karawaci, Senayan, SCBD Sudirman, Kuningan and else. The suburbs like Bogor are already buying smart home too. Ganda says that currently most customers are coming from high profile like politicians, artist, and businessman. The inquiry for smart hotel and smart office is not as many as smart home inquiry at this moment in Indonesia.

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