What is SMART HOME and why the buzz?

In a nutshell, smart home control is taking technology that already exists in the home and making it all work together so it’s simple and easy to use. Today, more than ever, we bring all kinds of electronic gadgetry into our homes with the hope of enhancing our lifestyle, but often times, it leads to frustration. Take for example, watching TV at the end of a long day. You’ve got five remotes in front of you and now need to figure out which one which buttons to press in what sequence all in order to do what? Relax?

Smart Home transforms that experience by giving you one easy to use remote that makes it simple to control not just your home theatre  setup, buy also manage other devices at home, too, like turning off lights or locking doors, from anywhere in your home. You can even automate many events to happen in one button push: all lights go off, doors lock, alarm is armed, and the thermostat dials back to an energy efficient setting as you exit the house. The possibilities are endless.

So why all the buzz? The idea of smart home has been around for ages, but now it’s more affordable and accessible than ever. And with the ability to use all your favourite tablets and smart phones to control your home, we’ve officially reached the tipping point, But the most exciting part? This is all just the beginning!

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